About Me

Hello! I was born on 21st August 1985 in Kehl, Germany. I like everything that has to do with PCs. I also like to code in different programming languages. Right now I know some Java, C, C++ and Python 3.

I have an education (BK2 (2 years) – Assistant in IT and Telecommunication). I started programming when I was 16, with TCL and Eggdrop (IRC Bot). I also taught myself HTML/PHP/MySQL to try out easy stuff. During my education I had lessons in C, C++ and also HTML/PHP/MySQL. Java and Python 3 I learned by reading good eBooks I bought.

Some picture of me – changed a bit so I can put it on the website. ;D

About This Website

I started this website to post about everything I’d like to post. Also to host personal stuff, and have a nice looking eMail address matching my internet nickname. ;D

As I host websites for friends, and some other things, I’d like to post news about these services. Most things related to my server are posted on https://www.101login.eu though. 🙂

If you have any kind of account on my server, I suggest you go there and subscribe, to always be up-to-date. 🙂