Ubuntu 18.10 on my Laptop


Yo, I’m currently decrypting my second hard drive to be able to encrypt all my drives again. After this, I’ll install Ubuntu 18.10 on my Laptop. I’m really curious if all this works together: UEFI BIOS, BitLocker Win10 (all my drives will be encrypted), Ubuntu 18.10.

The End

Ok, after many tries, I figured out how to properly set up DHCP for IPv4 manually with console (nmcli). After this worked, I updated all packages, went back into Gnome and installed the NVidia display driver. After this programs stopped crashing, and I was able to use the network fully.

Then I installed all possible programs I need. I only have 2,2GBs of space left on SDD. Maybe I will move the system to the HDD, or try something different. I don’t know yet.

However, after all, everything works and I have a running Ubuntu system on my laptop, which is what I wanted to achieve. For development, this system is really … awesome! 🙂

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