My favourite Songs 2018 on Spotify

Here are my favourite songs 2018 in two playlists. The first one automatically generated by Spotify, the second one was manually made by me in August 2018. Last but not least, there is also my Favourites YouTube Playlist at the end of this post. Enjoy! 😀

Also, at the top (social icons), you can find a Spotify link to my profile, with all my playlists etc. 🙂 Have fun! 😀

My favourite songs playlist 2018 automatically generated by Spotify. They said, I listen to more rather unknown artists, than more than 90% of the other Spotify users.
This is my own selection of favourite songs, from those I added into my library until August 2018.
And as we’re just on it, here my all-time music video favourites playlist on Youtube.

Hope you had fun listening. 🙂 Why don’t you leave a comment or like? 😀


1 thought on “My favourite Songs 2018 on Spotify”

  1. Yo, also when I go live on Twitch, from now on you can follow a playlist, with songs I play on the stream. You can find it at the bottom of my Twitch Channel, or click here to have a look and if you want, save it right now. ;D

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